Wills & Trusts

A Last Will and Testament is the first building block to any good estate plan. In your will, you can choose your personal representative (the person in charge of settling your estate), designate beneficiaries to receive your assets and personal belongings, express your burial preferences, and nominate a guardian for minor children. Without a will, Oklahoma law effectively writes a will for you and you lose the opportunity to state your own wishes. Often the cost will be greater than if you had planned your estate with a will or a trust.

A revocable trust is an important vehicle that can be used to avoid probate and provide for the orderly administration of assets in the event of your incapacity or death. By establishing a revocable trust, you can direct the transfer of your wealth to your heirs without the added cost and hassle of probate.

Our attorneys can provide competent counsel to determine which estate planning option best suits your needs.