Real Estate And Oil & Gas Law

The attorneys of Entz Burton & Associates are experienced in dealing with the issues that commonly arise in a number of real estate transactions. Our firm regularly assists with the preparation, review, and negotiation of deeds, contracts for sale, leases, easements, and right-of-way agreements. You can feel confident with the support of Entz Burton & Associates as your counsel no matter what side of the transaction you are on and whether you have residential, commercial, or investment property.

An oil company seeking a lease is generally a welcome sight to the mineral owner. The possibility of a producing well on your property can provide you with considerable income. However, before a lease is signed, the mineral owner and the oil company must agree to the terms of the lease. The oil companies have teams of lawyers working for them, so it is important you also have a professional to represent your interests. Do not think that a lease bonus and 3/16th are the only important terms. The deduction of expenses, lack of depth clauses and other “imbedded terms” can put you at a real disadvantage. Our clients rely on Entz Burton & Associates to obtain the best deal we can for them.